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Step One

Visit our website to learn more about our services by reviewing each section. Print off and complete the Confidential Questionnaire to the best of your ability. Bring this form with you to our Get Acquainted meeting.


Step Two

We meet in person or by phone to review your situation based on the information provided by the Confidential Questionnaire. We will discuss your goals and objectives, your time frame and how you feel about various levels of risk. You receive an estimate of the cost to assist you. 


Step Three

Together we gather data necessary to appraise you current financial situation including priorities and you financial risk tolerance. Documents that may help in this process include tax returns, retirement plan information, insurances, cash flow records, etc.


Step Four

After analyzing all pertinent, we provide recommendations so you can make informed decisions to address your goals. Any concerns you have about the recommendations will be taken into account before your plan is finished.


Step Five 

We will agree on how the financial plan recommendations will be carried out; what tasks we will undertake, and those you will be responsible for implementing. We will also discuss how frequently we will monitor your progress or periodically review your situation to make adjustments to the recommendations.