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Calculating Your Net Worth

It's been 11 years since I started Kuleck Financial Planning LLC with the intention to help middle-income families overcome debt and build a sound financial future. I was looking back through old file and found this gem. Our current national economic situation is not much different from 40 years ago when I graduated college and started my first professional job. Back then it was a great time to be a saver, but hard times for borrowers. For our first mortgage we opted for 10% owner financing, increasing by 1% each year. Whoever heard of such a crazy thing? Well bank morgages at the time were close to 15%. Having been raised that owning a home is a pretty important thing to do, rather than renting, we accepted the owner's terms. Over the course of a few years, mortgage rates dropped and we refinanced. In addition to building equity in our home, we paid off student loans and car loans and over time, our negative net worth surpassed 0. Today, because I keep track of our finances using Quicken software, I can easily see our net worth. Yes, with the recent downturn in the stock market, our net worth has dropped - but I see no reason to move money because I believe in buying low and selling high. Over time, the market has rebounded. Not all of our assets are tied up in stocks - we are diversified. This is what I try to share with clients - to have a clear vision of where they are now, where they are headed and how they will get there. Do you have any water in your tub? Want to learn more? Reach out to me. robin@kuleckfinancialplanning.com