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Financial Plan Components

Income Planning

  • Do you make enough money to support your goals?
  • Are you shifting from two incomes to one?
  • Do you fall short each month or come out ahead?
  • How should you direct excess cash?

Expense Management

  • How will your life transition affect your spending?
  • How can you create a spending plan that works for you?
  • Do you have enough money in an Emergency Fund?
  • Where are the best places to keep your Emergency Fund?
  • What is the best system to keep track of your spending?

Tax Planning

  • How will your life transition impact your taxes?
  • Are there tax benefits you aren't taking advantage of?

Debt Management

  • How do you prioritize your debt payments?
  • Could you reduce the interest rate on your debts?


  • How do you decide where to allocate investment money each month?
  • How are your investments performing?
  • What is your investment strategy given your goals?
  • When should you start saving for college?
  • Which education options are the best for you?
  • Should you open and fund a 529 Plan?
  • How much money do you need when you retire?

Employee Benefits

  • What benefits make sense to use?
  • For self-employed and stay-at-home parents, what are your options?


  • Is your current insurance coverage adequate?
  • How much protection do you need?
  • Should you have disability insurance?
  • Do you need and umbrella policy?
  • Have you thought about long term care insurance?

Estate Planning

  • Do you need a will or a trust, or both?
  • How much life insurance do you need?
  • Have you established Powers of Attorney?


  • Should you rent or own?
  • Can you afford a larger home?
  • Is it time to refinance?
  • Does it make sense to remodel?


  • What activities do you enjoy?
  • How much will you need for your next vacation?