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Financial Coaching

"I didn't learn about money in school." 

"Talking about money was taboo in our family."

"My spouse managed our finances and now I find I'm 
at a loss on where to begin."

Puzzled by managing money?

Just like any other skill, managing money takes practice and often a good mentor or coach to help you succeed. As a Financial Coach I not only teach you ways to improve your financial skills, but you actually will implement them and together we will monitor your progress. Ideal for young adults just beginning their careers, the twelve-month process begins with an assessment of where you are now and teaches you habits to develop a lifetime of financial stability.

The coaching process begins by identifying your financial "pain points" and developing a plan and time frame to address them.

  • Monthly check-ins with Robin by phone, email or zoom.

  • Q&A on demand with Robin

  • Investment allocation advice

  • Debt management coaching 

  • Goal planning

  • Insurance planning

  • Budget building

  • Review of work benefits 

  • Retirement funding options

Let's connect